Slip & Fall

Slip, trip and fall accidents generally come under the cases of “Premises Liability”, which refers to the legal responsibility of property owners to guarantee the fundamental safety to persons on their property. If a person slips, trips and falls on some property, then the owner of that property can be held liable when he:

  • Fails to eliminate foreign objects on the floor
  • Fails to renovate defects on their property
  • Fails to design their premises in an appropriate manner
  • Fails to notify about a dangerous condition on their property
  • Fails to remove or inappropriately removing snow, ice or water


Legal charge in case of slip and fall is decided on the basis of some specific facts of the case. Important realistic deliberations in a slip and fall cases are-

  1. 1.   How long the dangerous condition subsisted?
  2. 2.   Whether the proprietor had time to determine and fix the issue?
  3. 3.   Whether the steps taken to fix the unsafe situation were apt or satisfactory?
  4. 4.   Whether the negligence of claimant contributed to the misfortune?


There are significant laws for children or trespassers or accidents on government property or at the workplace

  • Property owner is less responsible to trespassers.
  • If the proprietor has an attractive arrangement on the property which is dangerous (such as swimming pool), the owner may be legally responsible for not locking gate or constructing a fence to keep children away.
  • If the accident happens on government possessions, then state or federal laws facilitating for tort claims will generally have to be followed. These laws usually engage strict course of actions for filing claims.


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