Slip & Fall

Slip, trip and fall accidents generally come under the cases of “Premises Liability”, which refers to the legal responsibility of property owners to guarantee the fundamental safety to persons on their property.
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Motorcyle Accidents

A serious injury has a significant impact on every aspect of person’s life whether it is family, health and finances. A motorcycle accident is an unnerving incident for most of the seasoned rider.
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Wrongful Death

Time and again, an accident is not just an accident. Unfortunately, some mishaps give rise to catastrophe and as a result of which people lose their lives because of the carelessness or negligence of someone else.
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Neck & Back Injuries

Neck and back injuries can have a dramatic affect on the quality of life and ability of a person to carry out certain jobs. Even after all precautions, a serious neck and back injury can result in medical complications that might prove debilitating.
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Trucking Accidents

An Auto accident with a tractor trailer, truck, semi truck or 18 wheeler, is one of the most horrifying dreams of automobile drivers that they would never wish to see.
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Boating Accidents

Lakes, rivers and coastlines in Broward are considered as some of the most pristine waters in the nation and recreational boat lovers and their families consider it to be paradise.
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Car Accidents

Car accidents result in personal injuries causing significant emotional, physical, and financial damage. Most of the times, it is because of someone else’s negligence.
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